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Nutrition Counseling Services

Complimentary 15 minute Phone Consultation

I offer a 15 minute complimentary phone call to discuss your needs and concerns as well as to learn more about how I can help you. I will also answer any questions you might have about my services or process of working together.

Initial Consultation & Assessment  (55 min)

During our initial consultation, I will conduct a comprehensive assessment that includes your medical and nutrition history, symptoms, recent lab work (if available), lifestyle, physical activity, and general relationship with food. This will be my opportunity to really get to know you and your overall health. We will discuss your health and nutrition goals, what motivates you, and any barriers you may face in meeting those goals. This will also be an opportunity for me to answer any of your nutrition related questions. Based on this information, I will create a personalized plan to address your health concerns, including recommendations for diet, exercise, supplements, and lifestyle changes that we will review at our follow up appointment. 

Follow up Consultation with Nutrition Protocol Review  (55 min)

During our second consultation, we will review the personalized nutrition protocol developed for you based on your needs. This will include recommendations for diet, exercise, supplements, and lifestyle changes. You will receive educational handouts or supplemental materials related to your protocol. We will work together to define actionable and realistic goals that will work for you as well as strategies to help you overcome any barriers preventing you from reaching your health goals. 

Follow up Consultations  (55 min)

Follow up sessions serve as periodic support to ensure you are making progress towards your goals. They are critical for reaching and maintaining the nutrition and lifestyle changes recommended in our earlier sessions. We will discuss successes and challenges as well as continued barriers you may face, and will reassess the current nutrition protocol. 

Over time you may feel you need shorter “mini consultations” or “check ins” with me. If so, we can work together to schedule pro-rated 30 minute consultations as needed.

How many sessions should you expect?

Both the frequency and number of follow up appointments will vary based on your needs and plan. At a minimum, I recommend 2 sessions for clients so that we have adequate time for both the nutrition assessment as well as the review of your personalized nutrition protocol. We will discuss this during your initial consultation, but if you have questions, please schedule a complimentary 15 min phone call.

To request an appointment and for information related to payment and insurance:

My Philosophy

I believe in...

individualized, client-centered nutrition counseling…not one-size-fits-all plans.

a “food first,” all-foods-fit, crowd-out approach…not overly restrictive or fad diets.

digging deep to find the root cause…not band-aid approaches to symptoms.

promoting meaningful behavioral changes to create long lasting health habits that work within your lifestyle and reality…not punishment, rigidity or self-deprivation.

support that is empathetic, compassionate and encouraging…not fear-based food policing.

meeting you where you are in your journey…not expecting you to make big, unrealistic changes.


The Process

Assessment Image


Our first step in working together will be a thorough assessment completed in our initial consultation. Prior to this session, you will be asked to complete several forms related to your overall health and wellness that will provide me with the opportunity to familiarize myself with your concerns in advance. I will take a detailed look at your medical and nutrition history, symptoms, medications, and lifestyle areas such as quality of sleep, stress level, and physical activity. We will discuss your food preferences as well as your general relationship with food. I will review any lab and diagnostic test results available, and when relevant, I may recommend additional testing. Taken together, this information will allow us to reveal potential root causes to be addressed and where to begin with our treatment protocol.

Nutrition Protocol

I will then create a personalized nutrition protocol to address your health concerns. This protocol will provide recommendations for diet, exercise, supplements, and lifestyle changes. Together we will outline small, actionable, and realistic steps to be taken as well as identify any possible barriers to making necessary change. These small diet and lifestyle goals will have a compounding effect, ultimately leading to sustainable health outcomes.

Treatment Protocol


We will continue to work together through follow up sessions and monitor progress until your desired results have been obtained. This will look different for each person. You may notice some changes right away, while some results, particularly related to hormone balance, will take longer to achieve. Where appropriate, we will reassess and modify your nutrition plan and goals. You can expect support and encouragement as you gain the knowledge and skills to be confident and empowered in your health and wellness journey!

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